Monday, August 28, 2006

Fantasy Football

On Sunday, I took part as first time owner in our "creeps" fantasy football league. I thought I would post my comments here, since I still don't have access to the league and I know that many fellow owners read this rag from time to time. Overall, I thought I had a good draft, but I will need a couple of my more speculative picks to come through.

1. Shaun Alexander. Nothing wrong with starting the draft with arguably the best RB.

2. Kevin Jones. I am not thrilled about this pick, but he does have promise.

3. Antonio Gates. I love having the best player at any position and he is certainly numero uno at TE.

4. Thomas Jones. With Benson out of action, opportunities abound for this quick starter.

5. Roy Williams. He has the potential to be among the top 5 WR's. Potential is the key word.

6. Antonio Bryant. The best player on a bad team.

7. Cedric Benson. He has loads of potential. I think he was a good value in the seventh round.

8. Trent Green. A consistent starter, but nothing spectacular.

9. Donte Stallworth. The trade to the Eagles should help him. He needs to stay healthy.

10. Roddy White. If Vick decides to throw, White could become his go to guy (behind Crumpler)

11. Cincinnati Defense. They looked great against GB, but that's not saying much.

12. Jay Feely. He is a kicker. Enough said.

13. Troy Williamson. I like this pick. With Robinson gone, he has a lot of upside.

14. Jeremy Steavens. A quality back up for Gates.

15. Billy Volek. My #2 QB. God help us all.

16. Bradon Lloyd. If Santana Moss gets hurt, he could see a lot of action. Talented.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Jack Update

On Saturday, Jack turned eight weeks old. Oh, they grow up so fast. It is amazing to see how much he changes and grows each day. It is so much fun to watch. He has started to smile, coo, and understand that his arms are connected to his body (although he still can't control them very good). He is still pretty "gassy," but he is learning to deal with it a little better. Anyway, I know it is cliche, but you really don't know how much you can love someone until you have children. I believe that. Enjoy!

This is a recent action shot of Jack laughing. He even threw in a wink!

I think the shirt speaks for itself.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

End of Days

While I was catching up on today's news, this story caught me eye. Here is a flavor:

"Of all the generations of humans that have walked the surface of the Earth for 100,000 years, going back when we first left Africa the generation now alive is the most important," said Michio Kaku, professor of theoretical physics at City University of New York.

"The generation now alive, the generation that you see, looking around you, for the first time in history, is the generation that controls the destiny of the planet itself."

How can someone say something like that with a straight face?

I guess I am not smart enough to make accurate value judgments about the relative "worth" of various generations throughout history.

Warrantless Search Case

As this story reported, and you undoubtedly heard, the judge "nixed" the government's warrantless surveillance program. Whatever that means. I read Judge Taylor's opinion (available here) hoping to learn more about the issue, but I was disappointed. The opinion is definitely not the model for legal scholarship; rather, it is supported by nothing more than conclusory analysis. After reading the opinion, it is no more "obvious" that the program violates the Constitution or FISA, as it was before I read the opinion.

Take ten minutes and read through the opinion. Ask yourself a couple questions. First, do the plaintiffs really have standing, i.e. were/are they hurt by the alleged government actions? The argument seemed pretty sketchy to me. Second, read the short fourth amendment analysis. I didn't find the argument, assuming there was one, very persuasive.

We definitely have not heard the last about this issue.

Today's Word

Today's word is:

Quaggy (KWAG-ee) adjective

Marshy; flabby; spongy.

[From quag (marsh), of unknown origin.]

Today's word in a sentence:

Dave's stomach is quaggy.

AHS Investigation

I found this a little surprising considering the fame of AHS girls basketball during my reign of terror.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Snakes on a Plane

Is it just me, or does Snakes on a Plane seem like the worst movie ever conceived? When I first saw the preview, I said out loud, "holy shit, I can't believe Samuel Jackson did that movie." I couldn't believe that Jules Winnfield (Pulp Fiction) was really going to do battle with snakes attacking people on an airplane. So disappointing. I cannot imagine what he must have been paid.

I just don't get what all the hype is about? Cult classic? My ass. Am I the only one who doesn't want to see a movie about something going horribly wrong on an airplane, even if it is outlandish? I am not overly sensitive, nor looking to draw any parallels between the movie and terrorism, it just seems like an unusually bad movie with horrible timing.

If anyone sees it, please tell me if I am wrong.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

The Sky is Falling

Although it has only been a couple days since the latest large-scale terrorist attempt, I am already sick of hearing people complain about not being able to take anything on board the planes. "What, no carry on luggage? I am enraged." Honestly, it is sickening. Simply put, no one has the "right" to carry luggage onto a plane (or even get on a plane for that matter), nor does a complete ban on carry on luggage impermissibly intrude upon our "civil liberties." (As an aside, I hate that phrase, "civil liberties." What does that mean exactly? It is one of those phrases that people toss around and assume that it has a generally accepted meaning, which it does not. Rather, I think people are better served by being more concrete in their terms. Just my two cents).

Look, I understand that having to sit on a plane for hours on end without having a novel, or your make up mirror, or your cell phone, laptop or really anything else is probably a real inconvenience. In fact, I think it sucks that I could not bring a lousy book onboard because I know I am no threat. However, I also understand that there are people in this world who are trying to devise ways to explode the plane I am on using the very items I wish to bring on board. Therefore, I guess if it comes down to a couple hours of inconvenience to know that I will arrive safely at my destination, sign me up. Granted, it is probably unlikely that terrorists will actually hijack my plane, but why would anyone want to take even a one percent chance? That seems ridiculous to me.

Also, let us be clear, no one has a "right" to fly on an airplane. Even under the most expansive reading of the Constitution, I defy anyone to find where it reads, "You have the right to fly and bring anything you personally deem reasonable aboard." People voluntarily contract with the airlines for air travel. Like every other non-compulsory contract, people have a choice. Either they agree with the terms or they do not. If someone is unhappy about the carry on luggage ban, that person has two choices as I see it. First, s/he can make other travel arrangements for his/her trip. I understand that this may be slower, less efficient and more costly, but at least s/he can bring whatever s/he would like. Since s/he has such a principled stance against our government's security policies, I am sure the extra time, money and hassle is but a small price to pay for being right and liberated from US government “oppression.” Second, s/he could just accept that times are a-changing, this is a dangerous world and small insignificant sacrifices are required to stay safe. I know everyone likes to talk about "big brother" and how the man is keeping everyone down, but get a grip. It is a couple boring hours on an airliner packed with strangers. I think arriving in one piece is more important letting the jerk in seat 4A read yet another book about how to make millions in real estate.

"I know I am not a threat so the rule is stupid" really seems to be the premise of criticism lodged against this travel ban. Could you be more self-centered? (ala Chandler Bing from Friends) It just does not make a lot of sense to me. When I fly, I am glad to see that there is security screening. In fact, there should be more. I understand that part of it is that certain people will always react negatively to any constraints the government tries to place upon our lives. However, they are usually the same people who will go to great lengths to criticize and blame our government if/when the terrorists strike again. It is easy to throw stones, but it is a lot harder to think of, and implement, real life solutions.

Relatedly, my good friend Preston brought this well written article to my attention. It covers similar ground, but in a much more cogent and articulate manner. Well worth your time. For a more "emotional" take on the issue, make sure you hear what this guy has to say.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

My Little Unit

A quick update on Jack. Both Jack and Jen are doing great. It is amazing how much Jack changes each day. It is great to watch him grow up (literally). Other than that, the first couple weeks were pretty rough, but he is starting to figure out night and day (which means more sleep). All and all, it is great being a dad, I love seeing him each day.


A good picture of Jack.

Mini-Me getting ready for a day at the office.

Full Moon

Tonight I spent about twenty minutes outside gazing at our lovely full moon. I must confess, I enjoy looking at the moon. I always try to imagine what it must be like to be up in space and walking around up there. Can you imagine what the view must be like from Uranus, (insert joke here) which as over 20 moons to chose from.

Here is my wish for any of you that happen to find yourselves filthy rich. If I ever get a terminal disease or just really old, can you please pack me into my own private spaceship (stocked with Mountain Dew, Oreo's and some taquitos) and launch me into space? That would be a great way to go...cruising through space.

During my moon gazing, I started to wonder why my non-dominant left hand is stronger, a lot stronger, then my dominant right hand? This seems odd, no? Does someone teach us to be right or left handed? I thought we were just born knowing which hand to use. Is this abnormal? Perhaps, I am missing out on something. What if I should have been using my left hand this entire time? Oh no.

Finally, some good news for anti-war democrats. Running as an Independent? I don't see it happening, no room for people in the middle in todays political atmosphere. Since I don't have a horse in this race, I could really care less. However, it would have been a better story if Liberman would have won. At least it would have made the political news more exciting between now and November.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

I Would Like to Poll the Audience

I am horrible with job interview etiquette, so I thought I would turn to you for advice. Okay, here’s the scoop. I had a job interview with a small law firm a couple days before Jack was born. (June 22 to be exact) As with most interviews, things seemed to go well, and I left feeling good about the interview. Roughly, three weeks later, I contacted one of the partner's to see where they were with their hiring decision. I was told that they were still working their way through the interview process (probably not a good sign) and they would contact me one-way or another once a decision was made. I still have not heard anything, and I was thinking about calling again. It is a good opportunity and I would like to know one way or another so we can plan accordingly. Is it inappropriate to call again?

It just seems like it has been a long time since the interview. To be fair, they stated that they had to work out some internal logistical issues and all the attorneys are very busy. It just may be that they are in a position where they do not need to rush a hiring decision.

Anyway, I would appreciate your two cents.

How Long Should I Wait Before Making a Second Call Back?
Within 2 weeks.
Give it another month or so.
Don't call back, they already said they would contact you.
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