Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Tuesday Night Special

So my friend Rick, he of the life of Rickie blog site fame, scored two tickets to the Dave Matthews Concert tonight in Madison. The plan was always that he was going to go with a chick who is great looking, fun, and has a twin sister. However, yesterday she came to her senses and decided that she couldn't make it. Enter Stegall.

Finding it impossible to turn down DMB tickets for a venue only 20 minutes from my house, I jumped at his invite. After class/work I went by Rickie's and we drove separately out to my house. Rickie probably had the better drive, figuring that he was watching a DMB concert on his in car DVD player. The "Babeslayer" does not come equipped with that feature.

We ended up at Wandos around 5:30 looking for some food and spirits. Wandos is known for its "Fishbowls" (A large drink served in a fishbowl, usually serves three or more). Well, Richard thought it would be a good idea if we partake. One purple Fishbowl for the two gentlemen. I must admit, although it got us pretty ripped, we both felt, oh a little "fruity" about the whole ordeal. Nothing like two guys sitting at the corner table in bar sharing a fishbowl. We might as well as have been having an estrogen party. Nice image. Way to work it. Anyway, we stuffed our bellies with some decent bar food and decided to walk over to the show.

After waiting for what seemed like an extraordinarily long time, DMB took the stage. I was excited, but the energy just isn't there like it is at Alpine. Either that or I am just getting old because I felt very tired and very sober afterward. Overall, it was a great show, but it seemed more like listening to a CD than attending a live show. Very tame, but very good.

Although Rickie (check his blog) might have a different take, here are my highlights.

Dream Girl

Don't Burn the Pig (Which I knew as just "Pig." Not sure why the name change. Nevertheless, great song. Rickie, don't forget to play it at my funeral).

Crash (ala 1999-2000. Good memories)

One Sweet World (The namesake of our blog)

Dancing Nancies (Probably one of my top 3 favorite songs)

Christmas Song (What a special treat--rare)

Go here for the complete set list.

Oh, I almost forgot, they also played the peanuts song (Linus and Lucy) on the piano...trust me, you would know it if you heard it). Very cool.

Off to bed...

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Baby Names

Okay, I promise not to turn this into Baby Central, but I thought I would post our initial baby name list here for your reading enjoyment. Since we don't know the gender yet, we are preparing suitable names for each. Feel free to vote for your favorite or provide suggestions of your own. Here is our tentative list in no particular order:





Oh Baby!

Welcome back!

I apologize for the long delay, but I like to think of it as a dramatic pause. Anyway, things here have been a bit hectic, let's go back a few months....

It's late September, around 3 in the morning and I am awakened by my wife whispering, "Dave...Dave, I think there is a plus sign." Some how the words, "plus sign," had the effect of me jolting out of bed and running into the bathroom to check out the pregnancy stick. Sure enough, my sperm lived up to the hype.

I crawled back into bed with Jen and said, "Yeah, it's a plus sign alright." We both laid there, staring at the ceiling, virtually paralyzed with shock, excitement and disbelief....holy shit, we are going to be parents!

Jen is due on 21 JUN 06 and is doing fine. She sleeps a lot, and I do mean a lot, but I guess that is to be expected when you have a human being growing inside of you. I am so glad I am not a woman. Overall, everything has gone better than expected. (e.g. no morning sickness, etc.) Our first ultrasound revealed that our baby is approximately 1 inch in length, has a heartbeat of 177 beats per minute, and is really active.

Also, during the ultrasound we got a good look at his/her big head (that comes from me) and his/her leg buds. The arms were there, but just kind of hard to see. Our next ultrasound is scheduled for February I believe where we should find out what sex our baby is. (Think boy)

Although I will be busy preparing for exams, I promise to update our blog regularly to keep everyone posted on how Jen is doing. I think Santa is bringing a digital camera with him this year, so hopefully I will be able to get some pics uploaded sometime soon.

I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving and is reading this with full bellies.

More to follow...