Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Full Moon

Tonight I spent about twenty minutes outside gazing at our lovely full moon. I must confess, I enjoy looking at the moon. I always try to imagine what it must be like to be up in space and walking around up there. Can you imagine what the view must be like from Uranus, (insert joke here) which as over 20 moons to chose from.

Here is my wish for any of you that happen to find yourselves filthy rich. If I ever get a terminal disease or just really old, can you please pack me into my own private spaceship (stocked with Mountain Dew, Oreo's and some taquitos) and launch me into space? That would be a great way to go...cruising through space.

During my moon gazing, I started to wonder why my non-dominant left hand is stronger, a lot stronger, then my dominant right hand? This seems odd, no? Does someone teach us to be right or left handed? I thought we were just born knowing which hand to use. Is this abnormal? Perhaps, I am missing out on something. What if I should have been using my left hand this entire time? Oh no.

Finally, some good news for anti-war democrats. Running as an Independent? I don't see it happening, no room for people in the middle in todays political atmosphere. Since I don't have a horse in this race, I could really care less. However, it would have been a better story if Liberman would have won. At least it would have made the political news more exciting between now and November.


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